Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Epson L200 brand new and first printer from Epson that uses build in ink tank on it. every bottle of ink from Epson has a ID that should be fill in with a special application on the PC,while refilling the tank. If not, the tank will still be blank even though is fully charged
So if the Epson printer is already full at the counter we have to reset it to initial Conditions by using Epson Resetter L200.

Epson Resetter L200 and how to use will shown as below :
  1. Turn on Epson L200 and make sure your printer connect to the computer and driver installed.
  2. Run Epson Resetter L200 with double click file "AdjProg.exe"
  3. Click "accept">> check the "main pad counter, FLBoxes counter, tube ink counter", then click the "initialization">> "finish"

Next step >> unplug Printer power cable, wait for a second and plug in again then press power button.
Download link >>>  EPSON Resetter L200


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